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Associations textile européennes




















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IVC. Industrievereinigung Chemiefaser. GERMANY Trade organization for German manufacturers of man-made fibers. Disctionary of industry terms in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian. Detailed business information and statistics. Links to organizations and educational institutions. English and German.

VDMA. German Machinery and Plant Manufacturing Association. GERMANY Non-profit organization, representing the local machinery and industrial equipment manufacturers.

Flock Industry Association. GERMANY Trade organization for the local flock industry, dedicated to the development of safe and ecologically harmless technologies. Categorised company directories. Detailed description of flock process. English, German and French.

ITA. International Confederation of Manufacturers of Furnishing Fabrics. GERMANY Non-profit membership organization of the European upholstery and furnishing fabrics, and related industries.

Gesamtverband der Textilindustrie in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland - Gesamttextil e.V.

Bundesverband Bekleidungsindustrie e.V. - BBI

Bremer Baumwollbörse
P.O. Box 10 67 27
D - 28067 Bremen
tel:(+49-421) 33 97 00
fax: (+49-421) 33 97 033

Industrieverband Garne + Gewebe e.V.
Frankfurter Strasse 10-14
Postfach 5429
D - 65729 Eschborn
tel: (+49-6196) 47230, 47235
fax: (+49-6196) 472 340, 472 370


International Colour Authority - ITBD . UNITED KINGDOM The International Colour Authority has over the past 30 years established an unequalled reputation for publishing extremely accurate colour forecasts. Separate editions are available for womenswear, menswear, interior textiles, carpets, leather, paints and decorative effects, automobile and industrial designers products, the plastics industry. ITBD publications have a network of over 300 000 worldwide readers.

British Wool Textile Export Corporation. UNITED KINGDOM Information on British fabrics. Colour trends from British industry.

The Liverpool Cotton Association, Ltd. UNITED KINGDOM International cotton trade organization and arbitral authority. Global sale, purchase and movement services between producers, traders and consumers. Also, laboratory testing services. List of events. Links to related sites.

Society of Dyers and Colourists. UNITED KINGDOM International professional society for the advancement of the science of colour.

ICT. International Council of Tanners. UNITED KINGDOM Trade organization for the global leather tanning industry. List of measurement institutes and arbitration centers. Glossary of leather terms.

BTMA. British Textile Machinery Association. UNITED KINGDOM Trade organization for manufacturers and suppliers of textile machinery, equipment and parts. Directory of manufacturers and distributors.

SMTA. Sewing Machine Trade Association. UNITED KINGDOM Provides a forum for those whose main professional activity is involved in the distribution of industrial and domestic sewing equipment, knitting machines, haberdashery, craft products and allied merchandise.

UK Printing Industry Debtor Information Network. UNITED KINGDOM A subscriber based organisation for the UK printing industry.

The Textile consultancy Ltd.
email: ttc@anvilhouse.com

Textile Finishers Association
Merrydale House, Roydsdale Way
BD4 6SB Bradford - U.K.
tel.: +44 1274 652 207
fax: +44 1274 682 293


AATI. Association of the Austrian Textile Industry. AUSTRIA Trade organization for the local textile manufacturing and service providing companies. Extensive products directory. Searchable membership database. English and German.

Fachverband der Textilindustrie Österreichs - FTO


CIRFS. International Rayon and Synthetic Fibres Committee. BELGIUM Roof organization for the European man-made fiber industry. Classification and detailed descriptions for common fibers and their manufacturing processes. Business data. List of publications. Links to member sites.

BISFA. International Bureau for the Standardization of Man-made Fibers. BELGIUM Standardization agency of the International Association of Man-made Fiber Producers. Establishes terminology and technical rules for development, production, handling and marketing of each specific type of fiber.

EDANA. European Disposables And Nonwovens Association. BELGIUM Roof organization for the European nonwovens industry. Well designed site provides much technical information about the nonwovens industry, its raw materials and processing technologies, end uses, properties and test methods. English, German and French.  

AEDT. European Association of National Organizations of Textile Retailers. BELGIUM Information and statistics. Brand name databank. Calendar of trade shows and fairs.

CINET. International Committee of Textile Care. BELGIUM Roof organization for national textile care associations. Industry news and technical data. List ofmember companies. Links to related sites.

ETSA. European Textile Services Association. BELGIUM Non-profit, international organization, representing and promoting the textile rental service industry. Information on industry specific textiles. List of trade events and publications. Links to research and standard organizations, and magazines.

TERESA. European Textile and Clothing Research Network. BELGIUM Non-profit organization, funded by the European Commission and industry, coordinating research projects and activities, and the development of new technologies in the European textile and clothing industries. Large library of progress reports in MS Word documents and PageMaker 6.5 files.

Fédération Belge de l'Industrie Textile - Febeltex

B.T.C. Belgische Textiel-Conventie vzw
Meersstraat 138
9000 Gent
tel: 09/221 71 91
fax: 09/221 73 77

Belgian National Wool Traders Association
Rue du Luxembourg 19 Bte 13
1000  Bruxelles 
tel: 32 2 513 06 20
fax: 32 2 514 06 65
il :iwto@skynet.be

Cobot Vzw
Poortakkerstraat 92
Sint-Denijs-Westrem, 9051
tel: 32-9-222-26-14
fax: 32-9-222-02-58


AATEB. Association of Apparel and Textile Exporters in Bulgaria. BULGARIA Non-profit trade organization for the domestic and international apparel and textile industries. Password protected business forum.  

AGTEB. Association of Garments and Textile Exporters in Bulgaria. BULGARIA Non-profit trade organization. Company listing, advertising, on-line shopping and news.


Federation of Danish Textile and Clothing.


ATEVAL Textile Association of the Valencia comunity, founded in 1977. It has 530 textile companies, which represents more than 13,000 jobs.

Consejo Intertextil Español. SPAIN Information on all Spanish fabrics. Synthesis of fashion trends in the Spanish collections.

Agrupación Nacional de la Industria Textil de Fibras de Recuperación

CITYC - Centro de Información Textil y de la Confección

AITPA-  Asociación industrial textil de proceso algodonero

Asociación Española de Constructores de Maquinaria Textil

Asociación española de Productoras de Fibras Químicas - PROFIBRA

Asociación Española de Químicos y Coloristas
Gran Via de les Corts, 670
08010 Barcelona - Spain
tel: +34 93 318 9200
fax: +34 93 302 2635

Federación Nacional de Acabadores, Estampadores y Tintoreros Textiles.
Sant Quirze, 30
08021 Sabadell (Barcelona) Spain
tel: 34.93.725.93.11
fax: 34.93.726.15.26

Centro Algodonero Nacional
Via Laietana, 32-34, 3
08003 Barcelona - Spain
tel: +34 93 319 89 50
fax: +34 93 319 89 62
: can@teleline.es

Federación Nacional de la industria textil Lanera - FITEXLAN
Sant Quirze, 30
08021 Sabadell - Spain
tel. 34.93.725. 93. 11
fax 34.93.725. 15. 26

Unifam. Association of manufacturers of carpets, moquettes and complements.

Cecotnet. Patronal catalana.


Estonian Clothing and Textile Association
Tartu mtn 63
EE - 10115 Tallinn - Estonia
tel: +372 6 115 568
fax: +372 6 115 568
: eertl@online.ee


TEJA. Association of Textile and Footwear Importers and Wholesalers. FINLAND Non-profit organization of Finnish traders in textiles, clothing, garment accssories and footwear. Password protected members area. English and Finnish


Peclers Paris. FRANCE International styling agency (part of the Fitch group since May 98). A team of specialists in styling, marketing and communication. Services for all levels of the textile and textile-related industries: from yarn to fabric, from garment to accessories, from household to cosmetics, from infant-care to automobile... Three fields of activity: consulting for product Style and Design - Issuing and publishing of Trend Books (17 per season) - Communication and Collezione Pegasus / Ligne de Mantero Seta S.p.A.

Promostyl. FRANCE International style bureau and fashion/design consultants, by means of trend books, specialised collections, trend forums and audio-visuals. Markets: all sectors of the textile industry; fashion, accessories, cosmetics, home decoration.

Groupe Carlin. FRANCE Design and communciation agency. Research and development for new product concepts. Creation of exclusive collections, personalized consulting, trendbook publications (impulse, yarns, colours, fabrics, prints; men, women, children, sportswear). Distribution of the Zes Studio trend books. Global communication: corporate image, store concept, merchandising.

Fédération Française des Dentelles et Broderies/Pr. FRANCE French laces and embroideries, well known for their creativity and their top quality. Made to meet the requirements of the most demanding manufacturers in Couture, Ready-to-wear, lingerie and home furnishing.

AFCOT. French Cotton Association. FRANCE Trade organization for yarn spinners, traders, agents and service providers in the cotton industry. Members directory. Links to related sites. English and French.

UCMTF. French Textile Machinery Association. FRANCE Non-profit trade organization for local manufacturers of textile and nonwovens machinery, equipment and parts. Extensive, categorised company directory. English and French.

GINETEX. International Association for Textile Care Labelling. FRANCE Trade organization for professionals in the garment care industry, devoted to design, definition and promotion of garment care labels and technical instructions. Detailed descriptions and illustrations of care symbols. English and French.

FET. Federation of Textile Finishing Industries. FRANCE Trade organization for professionals and companies, active in the French textile finishing industries. Link to short descriptions of the various technologies utilised by the industry

Union des Industries Textiles - UIT

Institut Textile de France

OETH Asbl - L'Observatoire Européen du Textile et de l'Habillement

Comite Central de la Laine et des Fibres Asocies
37-39 Rue de Neuilly
B.P. 249
92113  Clichy - France
tel: 33 1 47 56 31 41
fax: 33 1 47 37 06 20

I.W.S. - France S.I.L.
23, Avenue de Neuily
75116 Paris - France
tel: +33 140 671 631
fax: +33 140 671 807

Centre du Lin
27, boulevard Malherbes
75008 Paris - France
tel: +33 142 665 507
fax: +33 142 666 365


Panhellenic Association
Dodekanisou 22
T.K. 54626 Tessaloniki - Greece
tel.: +30 31 546 26
fax: +30 31 556 746

The Union of Greek Cotton Textile Industrialists
5 Xenofontos Street
GR - 105 57 Athens - Greece
tel: (+30-1) 32 34 775
fax: (+30-1) 32 24 429


NGO. Dutch Geotextile Organization. THE NETHERLANDS Membership organization for professionals and users of geotextile materials utilised in hydraulic and ground engineering, agriculture and environmental technologies. English and Dutch.

CRIET. European Association of Textile Finishers. THE NETHERLANDS Non-profit membership organization for the European textile finishing and related industries. English, French, German and Italian.

Vereniging Textielindustrie Nederland - VTN

Association of Textile Machinery Manufactures
Bredewater 20 Postbus 190
2700 AD, Zoetermeer, Netherlands - Holland

International Association of Textile dyeres & Printers
VLT Schutterij 16, Postbus 518
3900 AM, Veenendaal, Netherlands - Holland


Hungarian Society of Textile Technology and Science
Fö u. 68
H - 1027 Budapest
Secretary General K. Máthé
tel:(+36-1) 201 8782, 201 2011
fax: (+36-1) 201 8782
: mail2.tmte@mtesz.hu


ACTE. The aim of this European textile Association is to give new alternatives to the problems which may appear in the textile sector.

International Wool Textile Organization


European Textile Services Association - ETSA

EATP European Association for Textile Polyolefins

BISFA International Bureau for the Standardization of Man-Made Fibres

CEFIC European Chemical Industry Council

International Rayon and Synthetics Fibres Committee - CIRFS

European Linen and Hemp Confederation - C.E.L.C.

Committee of the Cotton and Allied Textile Industries of the E.U - Eurocoton
24 rue Montoyer
1000 Bruxelles - Belgique
tel: 02/230 32 39
fax: 02/230 36 22

email: michele.anselme@eurocoton.org  

IMA-International Mohair Association
10/12 The Grove - Ilkley
West Yorkshire
LS29 9EG
tel: +44 1943 817149
fax : +44 1943 817150

International Association of Users of Artificial and Synthetic Filament Yarns and of Natural Silk - Aiuffass
Poortakkerstraat 98
9051 Gent/Sint-Denijs-Westrem - Belgique

tel: 09/242 98 20
fax : 09/242 98 29

European Carpet Association - ECA
24 rue Montoyer -
1000 Bruxelles - Belgique

tel: 09/280 18 13
fax : 09/280 18 09

International Confederation of Manufacturers of Furnishing Fabrics - C.I.T.A.
Hans Böckler-Straße 205 -
D - 42109 Wuppertal 1 - Deutschland

tel: 49 202 759 730
fax : 49 202 759 797

European Ribbon, Braid and Elastic Fabrics Association - Aertel
Poortakkerstraat 98
B - 9051 Gent/St. Denijs-Westrem

tel: 09/242 89 20
fax : 09/242 98 29

International Liaison Committee for Embroideries, Curtains and Laces - Celibride
Rudolfsplatz 12
A - 1013 Wien - Autriche  

tel: 43 1 53337 26 36
fax : 43 1 53337 26 40
email: zeyringer@fvtextil.wk.org

Fédération Européenne pour la Promotion des Marchés Publics - Promptex
37-39 rue de Neuilly
F - 92113 Clichy Cédex - France

tel: 33 1 4756 3085
fax : 33 1 4756 3086
email: facim@wanadoo.fr 


The Irish Linen Guild


ICE/Associazione Serica Italiana. ITALY An expression of Italian silk type fabrics, linings and swimsuit fabrics, under the patronage of ICE (Italian Commercial Delegation) and the Italian Serica Association (Federation of the Italian silk industries).

ACIMIT. Italian Textile Machinery Association. ITALY ITALY. Trade organization for local manufacturers of textile machinery. Extensive, alphabetised company and products directories. List of training and educational activities. English and Italian.

Associazione Tessile Italiana - ATI

Centro Estero Cam. Commercio Piamontesi

Assofibre - Associazione Italiana Produttori Fibre Chimiche

Associazione Nobilitazione Tessile
Viale Sarca 223
I-20126 Milano - Italy
tel.: +39 0266 10 3404
fax: +39 0266 10 3444
email: to@ant.it

Consorcio Tessilforum
Viale Sarca 223
IT-20126 Milano - Italy
tel: +39 266 103 838 
fax: +39 266 103 863-5


Association of Textile, Footwear and Sporting Goods - TBL Teko


GCA. Gdynia Cotton Association. POLAND Non-profit, international organization for producers, traders, manufacturers, institutions and organizations in the cotton industry, focused on research, development, testing and arbitration. Categorised members directory. English and Polish.



Associacao Nacional dos Industriais de Lanificios
Quinta dos Lagoeiros Apartado 528
6200 Covilha - Portugal
tel: 351 275 319 140
fax: 351 275 319 144
email: anil@mail.telepac.pt

Associação Portuguesa de Têxteis e Vestuario
Rua Gonçalo Cristovao, 96-1-2
P - 4049-014 Porto
Executive Director Sophia Botelho
tel: (+351-22) 205 7961
fax: (+351-22) 205 0343
email: aptv@mail.telepac.pt

Rép. Tchèque

ATOK. Czech Association of Textile, Clothing and Leather Industries. CZECH REPUBLIC Trade organization for local manufacturers, suppliers and service providers in the textile, garment, accessories and leather products industries. Company directory.


The Union of Russian Tanners. RUSSIA Non-profit organization of research and educational institutes, and manufacturers and suppliers of leathers and chemicals in Russia, Belorussia and Kazakhstan.


The Textile and Clothing Association of the Slovakian Republic


TEKO. Swedish Textile and Clothing Industries Association. SWEDEN Employers organization for the local textile, garment and accessories manufacturing and service providing industries. English, Swedish, German and French.


Swiss Textiles - Institut Suisse du Textile. SWITZERLAND Stand of the Swiss Textile Industry. Novelties in: - embroideries and laces, for ladieswear and lingerie; - top of the range silk fabrics and silky aspects; - plain and yarn dyed woven cotton fabrics (swiss+cotton) for shirts, blouses and dresses; - pure or blended wool fabrics; - fine top novelty jerseys and knitted fabrics. Creative articles for sporstwear, activewear and outerwear, several print collections.

ETAD. Ecological and Toxical Association of Dyes and Organic Pigments Manufacturers. SWITZERLAND International organization of companies, focused on efforts to minimise the adverse impact of organic colorants on health and environment

ISO. International Organization for Standardization. SWITZERLAND World wide federation of national standards institutes, promoting the development of standardization of goods and services. Very large, easily accessible site in English and French.

ITMF. International Textile Manufacturers Federation. SWITZERLAND World wide membership organization for textile manufacturers and related industries.

Swiss Textile Federation. SWITZERLAND Roof organization of associations and employer organizations in the Swiss textile and clothing industries. Industry data. Members directory. List of publications. English, German and French.

SARTEX. Swiss Association for Textile Marking. SWITZERLAND Non-profit organization, governing the development and implementation of general principles, descriptions and definitions of care and fiber content lablling in the textile industry. English, German and French.

Swissmem The Swiss Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Industries
Kirchenweg 4
P.O. Box
CH - 8032 Zürich
tel: (+41-1) 384 4111
fax: (+41-1) 384 4242

Vereinigung Schweizerischer Rohbaumwoll-Vertreter
c/o Paul Reinhart AG
Postfach 582
8401 Winterthur
tel: (+41-52) 264 82 67
fax: (+41-52) 212 00 55


Home Textile Producers' Association. TURKEY Trade organization for manufacturers, distributors and retailers in the local home textiles industry. Links to articles.

Türkiye Tekstil Sanayii Isverenleri Sendikasi
Visnezade Cami Meydani
Efe Apt. 2/10
80680 Besiktas - Istanbul
tel: (+90-212) 260 14 05-09
fax: (+90-212) 258 29 74

Turkiye Tekstil Terbiye Sanayicileri Dernegi - Turkish Textile Dyeing and Finishing Industrialists' Association
Yildiz Posta Cad.No:8, D:39
80700 Gayrettepe - Istanbul
tel.: +90 212 274 38 89
fax: +90 212 266 76 79

Buttim P-22
1673 Bursa
tel: 0090.
fax: 0090.

Aegean Farmers Association
Kemalpasa Mah. 6
Eylül Cad. No:11
Söke, Aydin
tel: (+90-256) 518 85 90
fax: (+90-256) 518 85 90


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